Modulbeschreibung des Mastermoduls "Gender Medizin"

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Module Description Master Module "Gender Medicine"

01 Title Master Module "Gender Medicine" (elective course)
02 Contents/Learning Outcomes This elective course should integrate gender medicine aspects into the medical knowledge of public health-relevant diseases: Cardiology, Oncology, Prevention, Neurology, Case History/Practice, Endocrinology, Pulmonology, Pharmacology, and Masculinity/Gambling.
    Learning Outcomes: Students will learn to grasp the fundamental principles and scientific standards of gender medicine in selected medical disciplines. They will learn to understand the importance of taking gender aspects into consideration in public health-relevant diseases and medical research and will familiarize themselves with instruments of gender and sex differences in diagnosis and therapy.
03 Teaching Methods Lectures, peer group work, presentation and discussion of clinical cases, advice from supervisors
04 Prerequisites No prerequisites are necessary other than general admission to the program or to the particular module (in the case of a guest student)
05 Practical Applicability Elective course that can be used in other public health-relevant master programs. Continuous medical education for physicians.
06 Assessment Methods Take home exam: 4 gender topics & 4 clinical topics given, students have to choose 4 questions and answer them according to their acquired theoretical knowledge. They should elaborate extra aspects and their own opinion. Delivery date: 01.07.2012 (via email).
    Attendance at a minimum of 80% of class time
07 Credits Allocated and Grading Criteria 2.5 credit points according to ECTS (see also: student investment time): Exam 1/1 (100%). 32 CME points by Ärztekammer Berlin
    Please refer to the grading scale published in the "General Examination Rules (Gemeinsame Prüfungsordnung)" of the master program "Master of Science in Public Health",
08 Module Frequency Annual
09 Student Investment Time Basic obligation: 2.5 ECTS; a) attendance time (lectures / group work): 32 workload hours; b) self-organized learning: 45 workload hours
10 Length of Module 4 weeks (attendance time 2x Friday/Saturday)
11 Other Not applicable