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Prof. Dr. Flavia Franconi

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Prof. Dr. Flavia Franconi

Zweifarbiger Schattenriss eines Frauenkopfes; grau auf hellgrau.

Department of Pharmacology

Università degli Studi di Sassari

Via Muroni, 23 a

I-Sassari 07100, Italy

Flavia Franconi, MD, is Full Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Sassari, Italy, and Coordinator of PH.D in Gender Pharmacology at Sassari University.

National Advisory Boards she belongs to are: National Toxicological Commettee, Research and Drugs Gender Guidelines, Menopausa Guidelines, Women Health Committee of Health Minister, Commettee "Valutazione Piani di Settore" of Italian Agency of Drug. Regional Advisory Board: Sardinian Drug Commettee.

She is Coordinator of Gender Group of the Italian Pharmacological Society and appointed in the Advisory Board of the Centre for Biotechnology Development and Biodiversity Research, University of Sassari, Consorzio Interuniversitario Biostrutture e Biosistemi (INBB). Vice President of the Società Italiana per la Salute e la Medicina di Genere (Italian Society of Gender Health and Medicine).

She acts as Referee for Alcohol and Alcoholism, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Archives of Medical Research, British Journal Clinical Nutrition, Diabetologia, European Journal Nutrition, Food and Chemical Toxicology IUBMB Life, Life Science, Pharmacological Research.

Prof. Franconi published about 155 papers in international journals. Recently her activity is focused on gender differences in drug response in order to ameliorate therapy for both genders.