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Matera Group Meeting 2016: Danielle Day, Paula Rochon, Flavia Franconi, Karolina Kublickiene, Hester den Ruijter, Vera Regitz-Zagrosek, Cara Tannenbaum, Ineke Klinge Foto: Ute Seeland

November 30th – December 1st, 2016 Berlin (Germany)

Initiative to Improve Sex and Gender Research in Pharmacology

Matera-Group 3rd Meeting in Berlin, Charite´-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Institut für Geschlechterforschung in der Medizin

Zugeschaltet per Videokonferenz waren die Expertinnen aus den USA: Marjorie Jenkins, Pamela Scott und Virginia Miller

The "Matera Group" was founded in April 2016 by international leading gender experts from European and American gender societies, representatives of pharmaceutical industry, FDA, NIH and CIHR to promote gender sensitive research in pharmacology and the applicability of results to women in the real world. Partners from all over the world are now associated.

The main focus was on the clinical trials of the detection of sex- and gene-specific factors and the lack of applicability of the results to women. While the observance of the biological sex ("sex") is gradually accepted, there are hardly any concepts for the integration of the socio-cultural dimension ("gender"). As a problem, the lack of awareness of the pharmaceutical industry, the physicians and patients, and the lack of financial incentives have been identified. Another problem is the still low acceptance of gender sensitive research in the scientific community, in specialist magazines and in the review process.

Various activities have been launched with stakeholders, including regulatory and funding organizations, journal editors, government agencies, industry and patient care groups. A first major success was the publication of an opinion on an extremely gender hostile review in the BMJ (Miller, Tannenbaum, Regitz-Zagrosek) -http: //www.bmj.com/content/355/bmj.i5826/rapid-responses

Further results and literature can be found at the homepage of the GIM gender.charite.de and the German Society for Gendersensitive Medicine (DGesGM) www.dgesgm.de.


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