Prof. Dr. Margarethe Hochleitner

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Prof. Dr. Margarethe Hochleitner

Director of the Women's Health Centre of the Innsbruck Medical University Hospital
Head of the Coordination Centre for Equality, Affirmative Action for Women and Gender Research

Medical University Innsbruck

Innrain 66

A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria


1969 Federal Secondary School for Girls in Innsbruck; graduated June 25, 1969
1975 Doctor of Human Medicine received from the University of Innsbruck, Austria
1975 - 1977 University Lecturer at the Department of Hygiene and Microbiology, University of Innsbruck
1977 - 1980 Internship at Innsbruck University Hospital
1980 ius practicandi, Austrian license to practice medicine
1980 to date Resident Physician at the University Clinic of Internal Medicine, Innsbruck University Hospital
1984 Specialist in Internal Medicine
1980 - 1993 Pacemaker Out-Patient Clinic; research concentration: cardiology
1993 Habilitation in Internal Medicine: "DDD Pacemakers for therapy-resistant, idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy"
1994 International University Course in Hospital Management (University of Innsbruck, Department of Business Management)
1996 to date Senior Physician, Head Ward Physician at the Department of Internal Medicine of Innsbruck University Hospital
2004 to date Senior Physician, Head of Women's Health Out-Patient Clinic