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Gender-sensitive prevention research in medicine

Our research focuses on interventions to promote healthy behaviors. We investigate how such interventions can be designed in a gender and diversity-sensitive way. For this purpose, our interdisciplinary research team brings in expertise from different fields, especially from psychology, medicine and nursing science.

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Research areas

Research at GiM is divided into five areas.

  • Within the research area Gender and Diversity, we investigate gender- and diversity-sensitive pathways to good scientific practice and health care.
  • The research area Prevention takes a look at the dynamics of health behaviour in individuals and couples, with a focus on gender-sensitive prevention. 
  • The research area Psycho-oncology and Health-Related Quality of Life examines psychosocial factors and preventive measures in the context of oncological diseases.
  • The research area Cardiovascular Diseases examines gender differences in the development and therapies of cardiovascular diseases.
  • The research area Method Development involves methods of analysis in intensive longitudinal designs for individuals and couples and the representation of variability.