The Gender in Medicine (GiM) maintains several collaborations; within Charité, nationally and internationally.

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We always welcome new opportunities for collaboration, please feel free to contact us directly or through our administration.

At the Charité

GiM cooperates with the BIH in the conferral of the "BIH Excellence Award for Sex and Gender Aspects in Health Research".


The GiM is centrally integrated into the DZHK with the speaker function of Prof. Vera Regitz-Zagrosek. The DGesGM creates the connection to gender research in Germany.



The Matera Alliance is an international group (with FDA, CIHR, NIH) for the improvement of drug therapy in women. Eugennet, IGM and OSSD form international networks in gender research. Prof. Dr. Vera Regitz-Zagrosek has received an honorary doctorate from the University of Innsbruck and is visiting professor at the University of Utrecht.

GiM Office



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